15 May 2006


VMV stands for Vision, Mission and Values. The VMV statement is a guide to help enterprise progress ahead. How important is the VMV statement to an enterprise? Can enterprise still be able to survive without the VMV? Are there any differences between VMV and slogan? VMV is internal, and slogan is external? Why can't there be synergy so that both parties speak the common language?
People care less about what is said but are interested in results. Why an enterprise not focus more on strengthening execution and producing positive deliverables but developing the VMV?
Besides, easier said than done. If at the end of the day, the enterprise cannot deliver the promise made in VMV, it will only result in negative touchpoint experience.
Below is the VMV of HKU Space (http://hkuspace.hku.hk/about/about.php?action=vmv).
As the Extension Arm of the University of Hong Kong in extending lifelong learning opportunities for the community, HKU SPACE seeks to become a world-class centre of excellence for the provision of professional and continuing education serving Hong Kong, Mainland China and the region.

HKU SPACE strives for excellence in:
- Delivering high quality programmes to meet the needs of learners and employers
- Fulfilling the University's mission in lifelong learning through collaboration with Faculties and Departments as well as with external institutions in expanding lifelong learning opportunities
- Enhancing access to education for career advancement and personal development
- Conducting research in adult and continuing education, as well as in subject specialisms
- Promoting lifelong learning for the development of a learning society and the community's pursuit of quality of life
HKU SPACE places particular value on:
Service to learners
Partnership to maximise lifelong learning opportunities
Accountability to stakeholders
Creativity in teaching and learning
Excellence in quality

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