16 May 2006

Fisk on Brand

In Marketing Genius, Peter Fisk identifies three levels of brand.

Brand Essentials - Building awareness and trust

Brand Differentiators - Building relevance and preference

Brand Energizers - Building affinity and loyalty
Is it really necessary to have different levels of brand?
An enterprise either has a brand, or it doesn't. If an enterprise has a brand, then loyalty follows. If not, then nothing will follow.
Take Coca Cola as an example. Its brand did not have any value nor meaning during the early years, possibly from 1886 to 1909. However, when the market started to accept the beverage, Coca Cola had experiened rapid growth and become a strong brand.
It is basically the chicken-or-egg paradox.
Is it because of the power of brand so that the enterprise enjoys strong market share, or is it because the enterprise works hard enough to develop the brand and then the power of brand sustains and reinforces strong market share?

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