04 February 2006

In Search of Excellence - P4

Structure follows strategy...


It is so true...

When I re-joined Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong (SCCHK) in January 2003, I was assigned to work with the then Delivery Team (DT). The structure was like this: outsourcing delivery agent was handled by one staff, in-house delivery team another. At that time, we also had to manage several warehouses, but we didn't have a team on that area. After my arrival, I restructured the team. One staff was assigned to handle delivery operations, and the staff who took care of in-house delivery team was now responsible for warehouse issues.

The aim of the re-organization was to allocate resources more efficiently, and shift focus to warehouse issues in order to tackle problems like product aging and breakage, which seriously affected customer satisfaction.

When the issues aren't being addresssed, the problems will either not be identified, or even if identified will be neglected and ignored.

"Structure follows strategy" works when the strategy is customer-oriented.