24 August 2008





18 August 2008

Roger Federer Beta

"I think success exists on every level. Success is a nice thing because it always means you’ve taken a step forward and it gives you a sense of pride, which in turn gives you confidence and experience – a positive circle, so to speak." Roger Federer

Someone says if tennis were a religion, then Roger Federer would be God.

It is indeed a fact. Because of Federer, a lot of people get back into tennis. People go to watch tennis because of him. However, is that history now?

On 18th August 2008, his record 237 weeks at number one finally came to an end. Federer no longer dominates tennis, but what lasts? Nothing, especially when you've been at the top of the world for long time. Everyone wants to be the best. Being top dog, perhaps, is one main motivation in life. But, it is difficult for an individual to maintain best performance forever. After all, an individual is all alone. Unlike a company, it is made up of people. A company can maintain its power and sustain its growth for many years, or even decades. Because they work in teams, with everyone supporting each other. Federer? He's only human...

He may not be the greatest tennis player yet in terms of the number of grand slams won, but he's definitely one of the greatest tennis players.

Today, Roger is no longer the world's best... in terms of ranking. Nadal, his arch-rival, replaces Roger as number one; but Fed will reverse his below-par performance and regain his number one ranking in 2009.

Thank you Fed... you have done more than enough. It's time for you to take some rest.

"That's what I expected and hoped for many years ago when I got to number one, that if ever somebody were to take it away from me, he would have to play an incredible tennis schedule, win the biggest tournaments, dominate the game basically, and then like this he can take number one." Federer said of the end of his 237-week reign.

08 August 2008

Olympics Beta

"There is something in the Olympics, indefinable, springing from the soul, that must be preserved." Chris Brasher

People seem to have forgotten the true meaning of Olympics...

Why people around the world have to ruin something which is supposed to be great!? Just because it is being hosted by China? Why do they discriminate against a nation that loves peace? Do they know what respect is? Are they nuts? Are they believers of "everything bad is good for you?" Do they realize what they have been doing is completely nonsense? Why is this happening? Because the world is flat!? Because they know what is good for China? How do they know given that they are not even Chinese!!!??? If that's the case, then it's better to go back to basics. Everyone will be better off when the world is round, at least they cannot use human rights as an excuse to interfere in other people's way of living.

The Olympics motto in Latin is "Citius, Altius, Fortius," which means "Faster, Higher, Stronger." The motto was first proposed in 1894, then introduced in 1924. It took exactly 30 years to agree on a motto, but once agreed, it has been in use for almost a hundred year now. Was it worth the time? The world keeps changing every day. Will the motto be revised? But then, what exactly is a motto and its purpose?

A motto is a succinct statement of a guiding principle. The purpose of a motto is to remind stakeholders of the foundational beliefs that underpin an effort. Can beliefs be changed? What are the consequences of changing core beliefs? Does God exist...?

There is also the Olympics Creed. "The most important thing in the Olympic game is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."

Well said... but then why every country cares about the Olympics medal count?