22 May 2006


"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." Mahatma Gandhi.
The chinese word Ren means Person. The chinese pictogram of Ren looks like "Lambda" in Greek. It represents a person bowing, or showing respect to others. Positive people touchpoint experience is achieved when there is respect, when people are willing to think of others instead of themselves. This is the Golden Rule.
Attitude of course plays an important role in positive people touchpoint experience. Nobody likes to be blamed when he or she makes a mistake, but everyone likes to be recognized when he or she does something right. This is human nature, and there is nothing wrong with this mindset. However, it is also not wrong that one should be penalized when things go wrong, and rewarded when things are done right. Otherwise, it is not fair to the right-doers.
The receiver who is given the penalty will have hard feelings inevitably, and it is in fact a double punishment. The first punishment is that he or she fails to accomplish the task, or produce the deliverable. The second punishment is the unseen penalty, emotional isolation.
It is always easier to lose temper than to control it. If people understand and accept this simple fact, then it really is not a big deal to be scolded, or being treated badly with a terrible attitude. The important thing is OWN attitude. This is the only thing within one's control. If the message behind the blame contains useful and valuable information which helps improve oneself, then why bother with the attitude of the one who barks?

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