19 May 2006


There are 5 needs in Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
05) Actualization
04) Esteem
03) Love / Belonging
02) Safety
01) Physiological

Darwinian psychologists suggest one fundamental need: to procreate and send genes off to future generations.

In 3 Steps to Yes, Gene Bedell identifies 14.
01) Physiological needs
02) Risk Reduction, security, and predictability
03) To have and rear children
04) Love and companionship
05) Enjoyment, fun, and intellectual satisfaction
06) To win
07) Consistency
08) Recognition, status, prestige
09) Wealth
10) Acceptance and approval
11) To achieve or be the best
12) To show gratitude
13) To help others
14) To reduce guilt

If positive touchpoint experience is about meeting expectations, and expectations are determined by needs, then what an enterprise should do in order to meet all the needs listed above, assuming that the above needs are all needed by the customer?

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