28 May 2006

Honeymoon Dessert

Honeymoon Dessert is a famous dessert restaurant in Hong Kong. Its mango pancake and durian pancake perhaps are the best in town.

Their mission is "We want to do the best. If possible, allow us to earn. If necessary, promise you to compensate. All we want is to do the best."

We want to do the best - In order to survive, every enterprise has to do the best, but doing the best is not the sure path to success, because that is only the entry ticket to marketplace. Besides, your best may not be in the best interest of the market.

Allow us to earn - This is quite an interesting mission. Why should a customer allow you to earn if what you produce is not what the customer wants? Moreover, almost nothing is granted but earned. There is no use begging for business.

Promise you to compensate - Why compensate if you are already doing the best? A promise made is a debt unpaid. Will Honeymoon Dessert really compensate when asked? If not, then why promise?

All we want is to do the best - Best is meaningless, because best is never good enough.

Tommy Li Design Workshop is responsible for the branding of Honeymoon Dessert. If interested in Li, please visit http://tommylidesign.com/

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