01 May 2006


I started my first blog on 26 October 2004 with Blogger.com, then I copied and pasted 1 blog (Is CRM the solution to business success?) from Blogger.com to Spaces of MSN several months later, and wrote 2 articles in Spaces. After that, I never write in Spaces. In fact, I wrote less in 2005, except for the two articles I contributed to Spaces, due to busy handling of political infighting in Swire Coca Cola Hong Kong.

Starting from January 2006, I contributed again articles to the blog at Blogger.com. So far, I have written more than 60 articles. My rule is to write at least one blog each day.

China is a special country, routinely blocking access to news and websites, not allowing the free flow of news and information. Blogger.com is one of those many sites not given the permission to be viewed and read in China. I then opened an account with WordPress (http://wisdomboom.wordpress.com) on 30 April 2006 for 2 reasons - search for better blog designs, and make the blog accessible by my China friends. But then WordPress is also blocked.

What is the impression of China based on these touchpoint experiences?

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