13 May 2006

Churchill on Success

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." Winston Churchill

Accept failure. There is no use crying over split milk. Failure is no different from competition. If taken positively, it encourages improvement. After all, failure is no big deal. You fail today doesn't necessarily mean you will fail the rest of your life. Stay positive. Stay optimistic.

Same applies to touchpoint experience.

By default, complaint is often perceived as a negative experience, to both the sender and the receiver. Complaint really isn't that bad if it is being handled promptly, proactively, properly and professionally meaning that it's settled once and for all.

4P of Handling Complaint

Promptly - Even if no solutions can be offered to the sender, at least show the sender some courtesy by touching base with the complainant within 24 hours.
Proactively - Never let the problem unsolve. More importantly, never have the complainant take any action once the problem is addressed. Always act faster than the complainant. Don't have them wait.

Properly - Empathy is the big word when dealing with complaint. Although the customer is always right, never take it for granted. There are times when the customer is actually wrong. Don't make blind assumptions, and never allow traditional thinking blind and fool you. You not only jeopardize the relationship with the customer if you let him or her continue to be wrong, but you also make your life difficult which will inevitably demotivate you to perform beyond standard expectations.

Professionally - Own the problem. Underpromise and overdeliver. Identify the root cause, then solve it once and for all if within ability and capability. Prevent the same problem from recurring ever. Never allow a small complaint to escalate to a crisis. If the problem is beyond your control, then report to the management immediately to make sure that the issue is being brought to their attention, and that the problem will be solved in the near future.

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