12 May 2006

Daryl on To Be or Not To Be

My first name is Daryl, and I've been using this name since birth.

However, I got 2 first names after I had joined PCCW on 06 February 2006. My second first name is Martin, and it is also my Catholic name.

The reason why I have 2 first names is because of my new boss, Andy Tsui.

He is very customer-focused even though he's been in the HR industry for more than 25 years. I learned a lot from him.

In Hong Kong, Daryl is not a common first name, and most Hong Kong people have difficulties pronouncing it. Being a training consultant, you want everyone to remember your name. The more easily you remember a name, the closer it is to your top of mind. If nobody knows how to pronounce your name, how are you going to be remembered, and get rich and famous at the end of the day given you have the luck?

So, on 06 February 2006, my name was changed to CHOY, Pak Wai Martin.

That's in fact a step to achieving positive people touchpoint experience, and it's also about branding.


Daryl means "dearly loved."

Martin means "dedicated to Mars, Roman god of war."

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