02 May 2006


This is a story of negative people touchpoint experience.

Every day, I have to pass through 2 doors in order to return to my own cubicle. The first one requires the use of an electronic card. Once the card is placed on the device, then the system will allow the person to get in. This is for security purpose. Every staff will be given an electronic card within the first week after joining the company. The second door is manually controlled. The gatekeeper is responsible to unlock the door every morning, and lock it every night at around 2300. Once locked, the theft alarm system will automatically be turned on. If anyone who would like to to stay after 2300 in order to complete whatever assignment, the person needs to submit request.

Sometimes, I report to work early and sometimes just on time. Today, I arrived at office at around 0655, which was quite early. As usual, I put the card on the device, but it was not working this time. There was simply no signal. I stood there idly, like a prisoner. The gatekeeper noticed my return but he didn't offer any assistance until several minutes later. The first door was finally opened, and I walked up to the 2nd floor. The second door was locked! That gatekeeper knew that, but he didn't go up before me and open the door so that I didn't have to wait again. I tried to control my temper, walked back down, and asked him to open the second door. He told me to wait! WHAT!? Wait again! I then asked him to give me the key so that I could open the door myself. He said he won't give me the key, and asked me why I was in such a hurry. He further commented that nobody had ever reported to work so early, and I was an exception. Gosh... what's his problem? After all, he's just a gatekeeper.

The door was finally opened. I got back to work.

For the gatekeeper, I filed a complaint about his attitude.

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