11 May 2006

Gatekeeper II

Dear Martin,

Thanks for accepting our apologies and clarifying the whole story. Your clarifications were noted by both ___ and ___.

In case you have any other comments relating to our services, we are more than happy to receive them, carry investigation and make changes/improvement. Without the customers' feedbacks, it is not easy for us to improve the customer satisfaction which it is the key objective of ___.

Thanks & regards,

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Subject: RE: Complaint - Gatekeeper (TDC)

Dear Ernest

Sorry for my late reply, as I was in a training these 2 days. Thank you very much for your prompt handling of the matter.

I arrived at around 0715 this morning, and the door was already opened. Since then, I have already cleared 50+ outstanding emails, including this last one.

Excellent customer service comes from a proper attitude, and attitude is something about the heart but not the head.

I may also have over-reacted that morning. However, please note my comments below on Frankie's email, and let's rest our case.

Once again, thank you.

Best Regards
Martin Choy

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Subject: RE: Complaint - Gatekeeper (TDC)

Dear Martin,

We had conducted an interview with the concerned security guard together with his supervisor, branch manager of the guarding company ___, our customer service manager and myself at TDC in this morning. We also met with ___ to review your complaint and our follow-up actions. For details, please refer to below message from ___ of ___.

As mentioned on the 2nd last paragraph, ".....During our interview, Guard 58257 has shown regretfulness for the inconvenience caused and expressed his deep apology to Mr. Choy. He also committed to improve himself and assured no more similar problems would be happened in the future. " We hope you can accept the apologies from the guard and also from me.

Our facilities officer will closely monitor the performance and attitude of the guard in coming future. If he repeats with the same problem, I will definitely recommend ___ to replace him by another guard without any excuse.

Last but not least, we apologize again with the inconvenience that caused to you. Wish you have a nice long weekend.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me or our customer service manager, ___, at ___.

Best regards,

Subject: Complaint- Gatekeeper (TDC)

Dear Ernest,

As per our visit together with ___ this morning for the captioned complaint,
We revealed that the complainee is confirmed as guard 58257 ___ who has been deployed on TDC duty in the material day from 0700 hrs to 1900 hrs.

After he reports duty routinely he has to first have all cleaners signed in for works, then deactivated the burglar alarm system located inside the guard room one by one for all rooms. He then heads to unlock all the rooms by keys subsequently. These tasks take about 10 minutes to complete. Normally he reports duty at about 0650 hrs, ten minutes earlier than his official reporting time.

On May 2, 2006 at about 0655 hrs., Mr. Choy returned to office in a hurry and engaged a while due to malfunction of his access card at the main entry. (I was not in a hurry at all. I have no idea why the guard had such an impression.) Guard 58257 had not been being helpful and without quick response to Mr. Choy in first instant as he had been dealing with the aforesaid duties. Therefore, Mr. Choy was not happy with that and ran up to office at 2/F on his own. (I was not unhappy at the moment, and I of course had to walk up on my own.) Guard 58257 tried to inform him that the doors were still locked, yet Mr. Choy kept on going up to 2/F without acknowledging such info. (Sorry but I was listening to iPod and I just couldn't tell if he was talking to me or not.) Mr. Choy returned to guard post right away after he noted that the doors were locked, and requested Guard 58257 to open the door for him immediately. (I did not request instantly, but first informed him that the door was locked. His immediate reply was, "Are you in a hurry?") According to normal practices, the door alarm must be deactivated prior to physically unlocking the room, otherwise the alarm would be activated and Police would therefore be informed. To prevent such false activation, the procedure Guard 58257 took on may have caused delay and inconvenience to Mr. Choy.

Further to our meeting with Winnie, we briefed Guard 58257 the proper procedures of dealing with such case, interpersonal skills and the importance of customer services. During our interview, Guard 58257 has shown regretfulness for the inconvenience caused and expressed his deep apology to Mr. Choy. He also committed to improve himself and assured no more similar problems would be happened in the future.

In addition, your support in reviewing of access control practice is highly appreciated!

Best regards!

Operations Controller
Kowloon Branch

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Subject: Complaint - Gatekeeper (TDC)

Dear Martin,

First of all, please accept my apology for our late response.

Your complaint is now come to my attention. We are now investigating the case and will feedback a reply to you no latter than COB tomorrow.


Senior Facilities Manager

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From: Choy, Martin PW
Subject: Complaint - Gatekeeper

Dear ___

I would like to formally file a complaint on the attitude of the gatekeeper.

I returned to office at around 0655 this morning, and my card was not working again. Besides me, there were several other people waiting to enter into the building. The gatekeeper was on the other side of the building. He saw us but took no action at all until several minutes later. I then walked up to 2/F and found out that the door was locked. I walked back down and told the gatekeeper that the door was locked. He asked me to wait, and then I started to lose my temper. I asked why I had to wait. He said it's the policy, and the door won't be opened until 0700. He also questioned why I was in such a hurry. What's his problem? He said nobody had ever requested to open the door before 0700, and I was an exceptional case. He further suggested that the reason why I returned to office so early was because of myself but not for work. His attitude is the worst I have ever seen!

Please advise whom I should file this complaint to.

Best Regards
Martin Choy

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