29 May 2006


"If you pay peanuts, you only get monkeys."
This holds true for reasonable people. For those who are unreasonable, when they pay peanuts, they still expect to get lions. Why do unreasonable people have such unreasonable expectations?
It does not only happen in external market, but also in internal organization. Bosses are usually not reasonable in almost every worker's eyes. One must be lucky to once work for a great boss.
There is no use mourning, and absolutely useless asking why. In fact, there are only 2 choices left: accept or reject. If one chooses to accept, then accept not only that the person is unreasonable, but also accept that this is life. After all, it is an unfair world. Everyone who wants to survive has to find a way, comfortable way to live in. Otherwise, it is better off to reject. Everyone may at least have a chance to stay happy.

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