07 May 2006


In Execution, Bossidy, Charan and Burck identifies 3 building blocks of execution.

Building Block One: The Leader's Seven Essential Behaviors

Building Block Two: Creating the Framework for Cultural Change

Building Block Three: The Job No Leader Should Delegate - Having the Right People in the Right Place

No manager can excel in execution just by understanding these three building blocks. Getting things right is more than that.
In The One Minute Manager to Work, Blanchard and Lorber offer a 5-step model on how to accomplish a goal.
Tell - Tell what to do
Show - Show how to do
Try - Let the person try
Observe - Obsever performance
Praise - Praise progress or Redirect
In order to get things right, however, people have to have passion for and commitment to the production of deliverables. Otherwise, they will just do what is told and when asked. With this kind of attitude, even if the execution remains flawless throughout the process, the deliverables produced won't have the WOW impact. The question is, how to create the passion and commitment? Or put simply, how to turn negative into positive?

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