25 May 2006

36 Strategies

Ben Tregoe defines strategy as "more is said than done." Tactic is the opposite: more is done than said.

Strategy is a plan designed to achieve a particular long-term aim, and tactic is a specific action to accomplish an end. That's the relationship between strategy and tactic. What is the word origin of strategy? The word strategy stems from a French word "strategie", meaning "the art of a general."

Strategy is a teamwork exercise, but definitely not the decision of one man. There has to be one person to faciliate the process. In order to come up with at least one agreed action point, the faciliator needs to have the ability to listen rather than hear. Listening requires efforts. People listen to understand and learn, but just hear to entertain and ignore.

Sender (Ps) needs to listen to the feedback of Receiver (Pr) in order to produce the deliverable required by the Pr. Effective listening is key to achieving positive touchpoint experience.

To learn more about strategy, please see http://11.1911encyclopedia.org/S/ST/STRATEGY.htm.

Winning Strategies
01) Fool The Emperor To Cross The Sea 瞞天過海
02) Besiege Wei To Rescue Zhao 圍魏救趙
03) Kill With A Borrowed Sword 借刀殺人
04) Await The Exhausted Enemy At Your Ease 以逸待勞
05) Loot A Burning House 趁火打劫
06) Clamour In The East, Attack In The West 聲東擊西
Enemy Dealing Strategies
07) Create Something From Nothing 無中生有
08) Secretly Utilize the Chen Chang passage 暗渡陳倉
09) Observe The Fire On The Opposite Shore 隔岸觀火
10) Hide The Dagger Behind A Smile 笑裏藏刀
11) Let The Plum Tree Wither In Place Of The Peach 李代桃僵
12) Seize The Opportunity To Lead The Sheep Away 順手牽羊

Attacking Strategies
13) Beat The Grass To Startle The Snake 打草驚蛇
14) Borrow A Corpse To Raise The Spirit 借屍還魂
15) Lure The Tiger Down The Mountain 調虎離山
16) To Catch Something, First Let It Go 欲擒姑縱
17) Toss Out A Brick To Attract Jade 拋磚引玉
18) To Catch The Bandit First Capture Their Leader 擒賊擒王
Chaos Strategies
19) Steal The Firewood From Under The Pot 釜底抽薪
20) Trouble The Water To Catch The Fish 混水摸魚
21) Shed Your Skin Like The Golden Cicada 金蟬脱殼
22) Shut The Door To Catch The Thief 關門捉賊
23) Befriend A Distant Enemy To Attack One Nearby 遠交近攻
24) Borrow The Road To Conquer Guo 假道伐虢
Proximate Strategies
25) Replace The Beams With Rotten Timbers 偷梁換柱
26) Point At The Mulberry, But Curse The Locust Tree 指桑罵槐
27) Feign Madness, But Keep Your Balance 假痴不癲
28) Lure Enemy Onto The Roof, Take Away The Ladder 上屋抽梯
29) Deck The Dead Tree With Silk Blossoms 樹上開花
30) Exchange The Role Of Guest For That Of Host 反客為主
Defeat Strategies
31) The Beauty Trap 美人計
32) The Strategy Of Open City Gates 空城計
33) The Strategy Of Sowing Discord 反間計
34) The Strategy Of Injuring Yourself 苦肉計
35) The Strategy Of Combining Tactics 連環計
36) If All Else Fails Retreat 走為上策

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