23 May 2006


Storytelling is a way of communication, and communication is an act of delivering information from the sender (Ps) to the receiver (Pr). It may not be the most effective way to convey a message, but it is definitely an interesting method. Whether effective or not really depends on the story telling technique, the message content, and more importantly the relevancy among the story, the message, and the receiver.
Factors affecting information touchpoint experience can be expressed in 5W1H.
Who: Top-Down / Flat-Flat / Bottom-Up
When: Right / Wrong time
Where: Right / Wrong place
What: Relevant / Irrelevant message
Why: Action / Information purpose
How: Formal / Informal style & Verbal / Non-Verbal (Visual) form
If the deliverable provides positive touchpoint experience, this will reinforce the impact of information touchpoint experience, as the promise made during the information stage is fulfilled.
So once upon a time...

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