17 May 2006

Q&A on Deliverables

Q: What is deliverable?

A: Deliverable can be seen and unseen. Seen includes tangible products, reports, something a person can touch. Unseen includes services, gestures and facial expressions, something a person can feel.

Q: How to produce deliverable that gives positive touchpoint experience (TX)?

A: Deliverables that meet expectations will give positive TX.

Q: But how to meet expectations?

A: Understanding customer needs is the first step. Understanding own ability to deliver is the second. If there is a mismatch, then NO should better be the answer in order not to overpromise but underdeliver. In The Art of War, it says that "If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt; if you know Heaven and Earth, you may make your victory complete." Customer of course is not your enemy, but this saying also applies.

Q: How to understand customer needs? What does customer need?

A: To need or not to need, that's the question.

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Herman Chan said...

Interesting Topic

Q: What does customer need?
A: They never know what exactly what they need. You have to tell them and this is why you are present.