10 May 2006

Take a Deep Breath

01) Write down one critical question.

02) How do you feel towards your question?

03) What information do you need to make the decision?

04) Suppose you go ahead, what are the benefits? What must you do to make that work? Do critical success factors exist?

05) What are some of the big obstacles in the way?

06) Can you think of a way to overcome, go around, escape or avoid?

07) What is the next step? What should you do as the next step?

08) Ignore your first feeling. What is your feeling now?

09) Compare the second feeling to your first feeling. Any changes?

Question 2 to Question 8 are the 6 Thinking Hats questions.
02) Red
03) White
04) Yellow
05) Black
06) Green
07) Blue
08) Red

Everyone will ask basically the same type of questions in a similar sequence when problems are encountered. Nobody requires the 6 Thinking Hats to come up with these questions? What exactly is the value of the 6 Thinking Hats?

Besides the 6 Thinking Hats, there are the 6 Action Shoes. If the 6 Thinking Hats are so powerful, then why not the 6 Action Shoes?

Everyone can think, but not everyone can bring plan to action, perfectly and flawlessly.

Which is then more important? Thinking or action?

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