01 April 2006

TXM Contents

PART I: What is TXM?
- Background – Alphabet Soup and Quest for Origin
- Definition and Types of Touchpoint
- Relationship among Touchpoint Types
- Definition and Types of Experience
- Relationship between Touchpoint and Experience
- Relationship with Alphabet Soup, in particular, CRM

PART II: What does TXM do?
- Objectives of TXM – Touchpoint eXperience Excellence (TXE)
- Why Firms Exist – Business Objectives
- TXM Objectives versus Business Objectives
- Internal and External – Who Comes First?
- Critical eXperience Factors – PID
- Roadmap to TXE

PART III: iTXM (Case Studies)

PART IV: eTXM (Case Studies)

- Introduction of IPAK
- Comparison of IPAK with Traditional Customer Pyramid
- IPAK Pipeline with eXperience
- IPAK Matrix – IPAK and IPAK Pipeline
- Segmentation – Prioritization – Allocation - Deliver
- Segmentation versus Database Marketing: RFM
- Prioritization versus Planning
- Allocation versus Execution
- Deliver versus Execution
- Purchase Cycle versus Sales Cycle

PART VI: Why does TXM matter?
- Background Recap
- Benefits of TXM in terms of Internal and External

PART X: Back to Basics
- Get Right Things Right
- Quantify the Unquantifiable
- What gets measured gets managed

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