09 April 2006


PID is an acronym for People, Information and Deliverable. These are the factors which will affect touchpoint experience, internally and externally.

People use Information to produce Deliverables.

Internally, people are staff from all levels. Information is communication. Deliverables are reports and action plans.

Externally, people are customers and suppliers. Information includes communication process such as advertising, marketing and even branding. Deliverables include product, service and policy.

In order to achieve touchpoint experience excellence, or TXE, an enterprise needs the right people to use the right information in order to develop right deliverables for the receiver.

In "The Brand Gap", Marty Neumeier describes 2 communication models: old and new.

The old model has three components: sender, message, and receiver. The sender doesn't know how the receiver actually responded.

In the new model, feedback enhances communication by turning communication into a dialog.

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