19 April 2006

Sales Rep Evaluation

"What gets measured, gets done." Peter Drucker

How should an enterprise judge the performance of a sales rep? By sales volume? By the number of customers visited each day? By what exactly?

The survival of every enterprise basically depends on profit. Without profit, the enterprise will find breathing almost impossible. Profit is the result of hard work, and is equal to revenue minus cost.

If an enterprise evaluates the performance of the sales rep based on results, or sales volume, the sales rep will put all efforts into achieveing the required results. There are pros and cons with this evaluation method. When the sales rep is too hungry for results, he or she may use whatever approach to make sure things get done. This ensures efficiency. However, if the approach being adopted goes against business ethics, this will only lead to ineffectiveness. Without integrity, short-term win ultimately will turn into long-term lose.

In order to achieve honesty results, an entperprise should not focus only on results but also on processes. The enterprise should evaluate the performance of sales rep by IPAK and external touchpoint step.

This link http://www.surveyz.com/TakeSurvey?id=483&showLibrary=true provides an example on collecting feedback from the market.

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