27 April 2006


"Progress is man's ability to complicate simplicity." Thor Heyerdahl

There are 2 versions of Graffiti.

The older version requires the user to write the letter in one stroke, and the newer version allows the user to write in more than one stroke.

I learned Graffiti many years ago, when I owned an HP OmniGo 100 palmtop computer. Palm was not even in the market yet. Recently, I started to use a smartphone running Palm OS, and it uses the newer version of Graffiti.

I am not sure if it is my resistance to change or not, but I have great difficulties picking up the newer version. Writing in one stroke is more convenient than two in terms of speed and letter recognition. For example, when I write "i" in the older version, I just need to draw a vertical line, but in the newer version, I have to dot the i's. Same applies to "t". I have to cross the t's.

I don't want to write accurately when using Graffiti. It is supposed to be a recognition system, providing shortcut for the user to write the letter. I am looking for speed but not accuracy. The system should recognize what I write as long as I use the correct shortcut provided.

A positive deliverables touchpoint experience in the past is now a negative one due to the ability to complicate simplicity.

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