27 April 2006

PID on 4S

PID are the key factors affecting touchpoint experience, which in turn long-run profitability and thus the ability to survive in the real world.
People produce Deliverables based on Information available in iTX, and People hire Deliverables based on Information available in eTX.
In order to achieve Touchpoint eXperience Excellence (TXE), an enterprise needs the right people with the right information produce the right deliverables.
But what is the meaning of right?
Right People
Positive Attitude - Just Do It and No Questions Asked
Right Information (4S)
Simple - to maximize communication efficiency and minimize confusion and errors
Specific - to maximize understanding and minimize mind reading
Sufficient - to maximize communication effectiveness and minimize junk
Sync - to maximize relevancy and minimize waste
Right Deliverables
Value-added in addition to basic needs fulfilling - Value for money
PID is result-oriented yet process-focused.

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