14 April 2006

Best Practices?

Since all business is the same inside, the touchpoint process should also be the same, both internally and externally. However, there are many different versions.

Blue Ocean Strategy (External)
- Purchase
- Delivery
- Use
- Supplements
- Maintenance
- Disposal

Priceless (External)
- Discover
- Evaluate
- Acquire
- Integrate
- Extend

On a macro level, Michael Porter says "value activities can be divided into two broad types, primary and support activities."

There are 5 categories of primary activities.
- Inbound Logistics
- Operations
- Outbound Logistics
- Marketing and Sales
- Service

And in Marketing and Sales, Porter gives a list of below activities.
- Marketing Management
- Advertising
- Sales Force Automation
- Sales Force Operations
- Technical Literature
- Promotion

For support activities, there are 4 activities.
- Procurement
- Technology Development
- Human Resources Management
- Firm Infrastructure

Within each category of primary and support activities, there are three activity types that play a different role in competitive advantage:
- Direct
- Indirect
- Quality Assurance

Isn't what Porter suggests too complicated? In order to achieve competitive advantage, an enterprise has to excel in primary activities, support activities, and the requirement goes on. Isn't simple the best? What is the point of being sophisticated? Is there a simpler way to get right things right? Running a business is already no easy task, is it possible to come up with a simple practical idea?

There are then SIPOC model and DMAIC process in Six Sigma.

- Supplier
- Input
- Process
- Output
- Customer

- Define
- Measure
- Analyze
- Improve
- Control

Which one is the best practice? Is there a standard version?

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