21 April 2006

Task Relevant Maturity

Andy Grove, co-founder of Intel, mentioned the idea of task relevant maturity (TRM) in his book High Output Management.

Hersey and Blanchard describe TRM as an individual's capacity to get the job done in a high quality manner, with a minimum amount of direction or control, while contributing to keeping the group together. TRM consists of two things: job maturity and psychological maturity.

Job maturity is the individual's and group's ability to get the job done. This includes the knowledge and skills required. Psychological maturity is the individual's self-confidence, self-esteem, and maturity.

The group's "job readiness" is therefore governed by their:
- attitude: the willingness to work with mimium supervision and guidance toward the group goals
- skills: technical ability
- knowledge: their task-related experience

Is it necessary that somebody has to has relatively low task relevent maturity if that person is just moved into a new position? Somebody who is competent at one position does not mean that person will have lower TRM when promoted to a new position. Bringing that person to the micro-management style would affect the productivity. In fact, micromanagement is a hinderance to growth, the team's integrity, and moral. It should not be conducted once a person proves the ability to perform tasks and gets promoted as a result.

Training is not necessary for a person who switches job. On-the-job training is more important. Sales reps need to master the skills of handling objections. For the first month, sales reps should keep meeting with customers and doing presentation. Accept objections as a part of life. It's all about attitude. Never give up. If encounter objections, don't just give up. Ask why the objection is handled bad. Try to improve the next time. As time goes by, the skills will definitely improve.

Authority and autonomy must not necessarily be earned by demonstrating skills and achieving solid past performance relative to specific tasks.

Effective delegation is about authority, autonomy, responsibility and accountability.

This is about iTX, or internal touchpoint experience.

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