19 April 2006


I once wrote a quote... and it is about puzzle.

"You either solve the puzzle, or you'll be puzzled by the puzzle forever."

I am a strong advocate of "all changes come from the same origin." The origin is the puzzle.

The first version of TXM was actually named BOM, or Business Optimization Management. The core concept at that time was the simple IPAK. After a meeting with two partners one night in 2001, they said that IPAK was just a sales tool, and sales management is only a function within an organization. They concluded that IPAK could not optimize business. My heart immediately stopped the beat. I did a lot of research on IPAK, and I even switched more than 5 jobs in a year just to test the concept. I had high expectations for IPAK, but in the end, it was not even what I thought it should be. I thought of giving up, but my good friend Carson Cheng encouraged me. He is a very intelligent guy, and is an expert in Excel. He can be reached at http://www.excelhelp.net. I then asked myself what IPAK was all about.

IPAK was very complicated in the earlier versions, with 8 sub-code for each segment. In total, there were 32 codes, which I'll share later. I asked myself if IPAK was not BOM, then what was it? I then came up with the idea of touchpoint. Of course I didn't invent the term, but each sub-code in IPAK was about touchpoint.

I continued to develop the IPAK concept with touchpoint in mind, but the longer I worked on it, the sooner I realized that touchpoint also wasn't the origin. My friend was right. IPAK was after all only a sales and marketing tool. BOM is more than that. CRM isn't the solution, nor is ERP. The alphabet soup is just something developed by the West to make money.

Touchpoint is the root of relationship, and it forms communication. It is the moment of truth. Touchpoint alone won't deliver results. What's missing? After more research and presentation, it's experience.

Touchpoint eXperience is then the origin, as both elements are the basics of winning. Touchpoint is the root of relationship, and experience is the root of decision. Whether to fulfill a personal need greatly depends on the experience.

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