17 April 2006


The slogan of NIKE is "Just Do It." What is the impression of this slogan? That you just go ahead to do what you want to do. It's bold. It makes you feel different. I recently bought a NIKE backpack at around HK$200. I was initially thinking to get one from Agnes B, but it costs more than HK$1,500. Agnes B is a brand in Hong Kong, but HK$1,500 for a bag? That's too much, and it is not justified. I did browse other brands, such as Adidas, Prada, FX Creation and the like. But why NIKE? Because owning a NIKE bag gives me the status I want. I am that kind of person who just goes ahead to do what I deem right without second thought. It fits my style.

Apple... "Think Different." If you own an Apple's product, you feel different. Although the Mac OS is difficult to use if you've been a Windows user for a long time, once you make the switch (I did), you are addicted to Mac. When you tell your friends that you use Mac, they are going to have that amazing look on you. I told my colleagues that I use Mac, and they think I'm different instantly, that I am somewhat smarter. My old good friend also has the same impression, that I have to be smart in order to handle 2 different operating systems, day time Windows and night time Mac.

Then we have "Made in United States" and "Made in China". It is always perceived that products made in China are of inferior quality when compared with that of United States. Why is that? Is that a true fact? The IBM notebook and the Apple PowerBook that I both own are made in China, and so far both machines are doing fine. If products made in China are bad in quality, then why the manufacturers from all over the world still build plants in China? You pay peanuts you get moneys. That's the law. What's wrong with that?

WisdomBoom... "Every Touchpoint Counts." Does that mean anything to anyone?

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