29 July 2006

Try My Best

Deliverable has to be produced whenever a task is assigned. There are basically three steps to deliver results: Planning, Execution, and Evaluation.

For planning, it is not only to define the actions to be taken from start to completion but also to identify potential risks. Prevention is better than cure. For execution, it is all about people management and the ability to manage unexpected changes. For evaluation, it is to show appreciation and learn from mistakes in order to prevent recurrence of the same problem. Efforts should be made to strengthen strengths and weaken weaknesses for sustainable improvement.

People like to say they'll try the best, and expect others to appreciate. Fact is, "try the best" is only the basic requirment. If the task is not performed with the "CDE" attitude, or commitment, drive and enthusiasm, the results are destined to be doomed.

However, it is always more important to "try the best" during execution than after evaluation.

Try the best during execution helps ensure excellent results. After? Who cares! Everybody suffers from the negative result already.

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