17 July 2006


Trust is founded on commitment, and is the foundation of positive relationship. Without trust, it is almost impossible to build Touchpoint eXperience Excellence (TXE).

Trust is never given but earned. Nobody can take trust for granted, and it is definitely not a free lunch. Trust takes forever to build, but just one moment to break. If life is unfair, then trust is definitely more unfair than life. When something is done wrong in life, it can't be fixed, and there is no point of return. That's just it. It's no use crying over split milk, and it's not worth spending time redoing everything, because the result is simply irreversible. Instead of wasting time asking why, it's better not to look back but start all over again.

When trust is lost, it can be rebuilt. However, rebuilt trust is never the same as before. It's really naive to believe that rebuilt trust can go back to the same level as in day one. Efforts spent on rebuilding trust definitely won't yield the expected return. It's therefore important not to lose trust in the first place. Same applies to mistakes. Mistakes can be forgiven but never be fully forgotten.

Every touchpoint is an opportunity to build trust, and that missteps can quickly break trust.

What are missteps? Actions that do nobody good but only benefit oneself are definitely false steps. Actions that benefit not only oneself but also everyone concerned are correct steps.

How to deliver correct steps? Always execute the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Never be a spring! When one is being corrected, it is like a compressed spring. He or she will stay good for a while, but without commitment to right the wrong, the spring will sooner or later return to its original shape, or the extended spring.

Trust this? http://home.earthlink.net/~truthfaith/truthfaith.html

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