15 July 2006


Everything is connected to everything else, which means that everything ultimately comes down to relevance. Relevance links everything together. If things are irrelevant, then nobody will bother to take a step further. Irrelevancy brings discontinuity, and relevance maintains momentum and sustains touchpoint chain.

Why purchase a book? A simple reason is to enrich knowledge. A special reason could be for collection only. Many people have the habit of buying books without ever reading one page, and they are not really bookworms. Bookworms read, and they do read. They have expectations on every book they buy. If there is no substance in the book, the deliverable does not meet expectation, and produces bad experience.

Relevance is just the starting point of a touchpoint chain, but it does not guarantee the chain existence thereafter. It's experience to build and sustain the touchpoint chain.

Bon voyage!

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