09 July 2006


"Sin" is the short form of "sine", one of the three ways to form a ratio of the three sides of a triangle. The remaining twos are cosine and tagent.

There are still many unsolved mathematical problems. If interested to solve some of them, please visit http://mathworld.wolfram.com/UnsolvedProblems.html.

Besides problems in mathematics, everyone faces many other problems, and in handling the problems, he or she may inevitably create more problems. Sadly, this is an ironic situation. Is it worthwhile to create more problems while trying to get rid of problems? It depends. If the problems created generate more meaningful action items and prevent same problems from recurrencing, it's acceptable. Otherwise, the whole exercise is only going to be a waste of resources.

However, problems should not be seen as negative. Without problems, there is no room for improvement. Everyone commits sin, and there are no exceptions to saints. When one makes mistakes, it's really no big deal! Everyone makes mistakes. Before one gets angry at others because of a mistake, he or she has to ask 3 questions.

01) Has he or she not made the same mistake before?
02) Does the person making the mistake know he or she is making a mistake?
03) Is the mistake an old one, or a repeated one?

If he or she has made the same mistake before, then why blame? He or she has already experienced the pain, and it is now his or her responsiblity to share the wisdom. TEACH!!!

If the person doesn't even know he or she is making a mistake, it's really meaningless to scold at the person. The person being scolded definitely will have hard feelings, because he or she doesn't know the reasons of being punished. Because of the accusee's innocent reaction, the accuser will get even more upset. As a result, it will only produce negative touchpoint experience. It is more effective to help the person understand and accept that he or she is having a problem before any corrective action is taken. However, if the person doesn't agree that he or she is a problem maker, then it is necessary to help him or her acknowledge the fact, no matter how unwilling he or she might be.

If the person admits that he or she is a problem maker, but still keeps making the same old problem again and again and never-ending, and does nothing to correct the problem, rest the case. SHUN!

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