12 July 2006


According to Enneagram, there are 9 types of people.

Type 1 - Reformer
Type 2 - Helper
Type 3 - Achiever
Type 4 - Individualist
Type 5 - Investigator
Type 6 - Loyalist
Type 7 - Enthusiast
Type 8 - Challenger
Type 9 - Peacemaker

That's it? No more types?

The United States Census Bureau reports on 13 July 2006 that the world population is 6,528,025,217. Can Enneagram segment the 6.5 billion individuals into 9 different categories? Em...

Understanding a person inside-out and outside-in is important in determining whether or not to keep the touchpoint chain, but Enneagram definitely is not the tool to use. There are 10 reasons.

01) Enneagram was originally used for spiritual development.
02) It is a sophisticated tool which is both complex and dynamic.
03) It has no common terminology for each type.
04) One has to understand the wing, trait, and healthy level.
05) The person has to take a RHETI test in order to identify his or her type.
06) RHETI is a scientifically validated test but nothing is mentioned about accuracy.
07) The type can change during lifetime.
08) It can be misued to get a quick fix on people - piegon-hole or box people in.
09) It is easy to make snap judgements on people.
10) It oversimplies complex reactions.

Human beings are the most complicated creature on earth. If one decides to read a person by Enneagram, please give it a second thought, or try face-reading instead. No test is required. A person is being judged even without his or her knowledge.

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