03 July 2006


Everyone wants freedom, but not everyone knows how to use it. When misused, it becomes an abuse to others. People who abuse freedom always step on others' comfort zone, which will inevitably lead to negative touchpoint experience.

Positive touchpoint experience is achieved when true freedom is not present. There is no such thing as true freedom, because true freedom implies complete freedom. When people have complete freedom to do whatever they want, everything will be sooner or later in a complete mess, and the world will eventually end up with serious chaos.

False freedom is true freedom plus control. Although it is incomplete, it at least minimizes the opportunity of offensive activities, which are barriers to touchpoint experience excellence.

Anything in excess will result in bad results. Same applies to freedom. Excessive freedom is true freedom, and is the usual cause of selfishness. Selfishness is the root of offensive behavior.

When control exists in the form of rules and regulations is applied, people won't have the freedom to "just do it" without taking others' benefits into consideration. People have to think twice before any action is taken. The reason why they need to think twice as opposed to just once in the case of complete freedom is because they need to make sure that the action taken is not against anyone concerned.

Touchpoint experience excellence is made impossible if selfishness rules.

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