20 July 2006

Coin Toss

Decision making is both art and science.

It is an art because no decision is absolutely right or wrong. A bad decision may seem bad initially, but something can always be learned from a mistake. A good decision promises positive results, but it also encourages the decision maker to be a prisoner of success.

It is a science because there are many methods to make a decision. Decision can be made based on research such as Cost-Benefit Analysis, or plain gut feelings, such as coin toss. Please visit http://www.43folders.com/2005/09/01/eight-tools-for-streamlined-decision-making/ for more decision making methods.

When to adopt which is the question.

Making a decision is actually about eliminating choices. Wants are unlimited but resources aren't. As a result, people have to make choices and incur opportunity costs. The final choice is in fact the decision. All decision involves not only opportunity costs but also selection costs. Opportunity costs are the costs incurred after the decision is made, where selection costs during decision making. However, who really cares about the selection and opportunity costs? Just go with heart, and leave the rest to God.

Every day everyone needs to make at least a decision.

One can choose to bounce out of bed and get up when the alarm rings the first time, the second time, or simply just stay in bed no matter how many times the alarm rings. Nobody is going to perform a Cost-Benefit Analysis to decide when to get up, because it's not justified. But why not? Simply because the person is too tired to try to make a decision is not an excuse that no analysis should be performed for such an activity.

If one gets up late, he or she may either be late for school or work. Lateness hurts everyone because time is wasted on nothing. The consequence of getting up late can be significant.

But again, who cares!?

Just throw the coin in the air and let random decide everything.

If coin is not available at the point of decision making, try this.


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