14 July 2006


In Hong Kong, ads on helping fatty get slim are all over the place. Ads exist in the form of outdoor ads, print ads, TV ads, and also internet banners. Celebrity with evident will also be used to strengthen the message. Regardless of the ad medium, they basically deliver the same message: stay beauty.

Why beauty is so important, not only for women but also men, basically for everyone?

The first 30 seconds decide almost everything. A stranger trying to win the audience should use the first 30 seconds effectively. Otherwise, it will take a lifetime to rebuild what could be built in less than a minute.

If the person looks handsome and nice, a good impression is formed on the spot and it's easier to break the ice. Actually, it's just like dating. Gorgeous women are easily attracted to men. And why? Because everyone chases after perfection. People usually judge a stranger by appearance first, or outer beauty, then by inner beauty, which takes more time to see inside the shell. They just don't have the patience to wait for the person to bring out the inner beauty. Outer beauty is more than enough.

The world is unfair, and it is created unfair by people. Fact is, inner beauty is more important, as it represents attitude. However, those with higher BQ, or Beauty Quotient, will always have an absolute advantage over those who have lower, for no solid reason. That advantage allows them to provide delivery of positive touchpoint experience without much efforts.

Outer beauty? How long does it last?

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