22 July 2006

Please leave a message after the beep...

Everyone is always busy at something. It's almost impossible to successfully reach the person the first time. There are only two options when the person is not available: leave a message or just hang up.

If one leaves a message, there is no guarantee that he or she will return the call. Even if the person returns the call, nobody knows when. This unknown will definitely affect the deliverable quality. If the sender doesn't leave a message, then the message will be on hold forever. The receiver doesn't even know there is a message pending. No deliverable will ever be produced. Even if the receiver answers the call, he or she may not be able to immediately provide solutions. Nothing will be delivered if wrong things are done at the wrong time at the wrong place by the wrong person.

It is always better to leave a message than do nothing if a touchpoint chain is to be continued.

Developing a touchpoint chain requires non-stop communications. If there is discontinuity, it's difficult to reactivate everything again.

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