02 July 2006

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

It is a sad fact that people are usually "out of sight, out of mind." But how can things become out of sight if they are relevant? Things have to be irrelevant before they become out of sight. Once out of sight, it requires double efforts to remember why things should exist. Remain within sight is therefore key to building touchpoint, and also a necessary condition for touchpoint to persist.

People only remember things that are relevant to them. If things are irrelevant, they will choose to forget, consciously and unconsciously. They tend to take care of things that are right in front of them at the expense of leaving those things that are not obvious to do at a later date, and then without a deadline, those things will be forever forgotten, and will never be retreived again.

There is of course exception to this rule, and that is offshoring. But why can offshoring break the rule? The answer is simple: offshoring is still part of the business, and thus relevant to business growth.

Relevance is all that matters.

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