16 July 2006

Blind Spot

Drivers seldom turn their head briefly to check blind spot. They just glance in the rear-view mirror, believing that it is an accurate reflection of reality. If there is no object shown in the rear-view mirror, they will go ahead to make the turn or change the lane. But is the rear-view mirror really reliable?

Most of the time, people are too lazy to dig out the truth. They rather listen to gossip which is almost available anytime anywhere at zero cost but not necessarily true than spend time researching for the fact. Without right or positive information, nobody is able to produce positive deliverable.

Although fact is brutal and gossip entertaining, truth stands the test of time. Time wears things down. Things erode, or wither, or decay, or die. Only truth endures. To see things clearly is actually to search for the fact.

Next time, turn head to check blind spot. Although seeing is believing, it really depends on how things are being perceived.

Safe driving!

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