27 July 2006

Key Ring

Key ring is a small chain used to link together a number of keys.

Without key ring, everything will be in a mess. Keys are everywhere, but it gets everyone nowhere. People may be lost, and will even have difficulties finding the right key for the key hole. Although key ring is only an accessory, it helps people organize better and shorten search time. Key ring is indeed a valuable tool, but nobody really cares. People are so used to the existence of key ring, and simply take it for granted. They have too many things to worry, and being organized is simply not their priority in life.

Key ring is a small detail, and it is like customer service.

Customer service is about details. Excelling at every touchpoint, or the detail, is the key to achieving Touchpoint eXperience Excellence (TXE), but how detail should be the details?

Small critical detail actually requires the highest magnification, so it becomes the focus and won't be neglected.

Not all details are important, but critical ones deserve the most attention, like key ring. Instead of getting everything right, it is more effective to excel at critical details.

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G A said...

Something we take it for granted that is the detail we shouldn't be neglected.