02 March 2006

103 Minibus

I am a usual passenger of 103 minibus, taking me from home every morning to the place I work, and then taking me from office every night to the place I live.

Every day is just another day, and life goes on as usual.

Being a loyal passenger, I have no expectations on 103 minibus. The reason why I have no expectations is not because I am a loyal passenger, but because it is a routine exercise. 103 minibus is the only transportation that will take me office. I have no other choices. 103 minibus is the monopoly in my market. As long as the driver delivers me on-time to the office every day, then I would not have any complaints.

But good things won't last forever.

The incident didn't affect me, but it bothered me.

I was already on the minibus, and not far away, a couple with a baby in the baby stroller standing on the double yellow lines wanted to get on the minibus. It is illegal for minibuses to pick up or drop off passengers in restricted areas marked with double yellow lines, but that minibus driver took the risk and let the family get on the bus.

The weather was cold, and folded up the baby stroller took time. The driver lost patience and complained about the family. He told the family not to get on the minibus in restricted areas next time.

Wait a minute.

He was the one who parked the minibus and took the risk to let the family get on, but now he was the one to complain.

This is just not right.

Although I have no expectations on the minibus services, it does not mean that I do not have expectations on the attitude of the driver.

What exactly am I consuming from the minibus?
- Timeliness: On schedule and on time without having to wait for ages
- Comfort / Safety: Smooth and stable along the journey with no sharp turns and stops
- Cleanliness: Environment inside the minibus
- Attitude: Be nice, patience and caring
Am I really asking too much for a HK$8 trip? Am I being too unreasonable?
My expectation is not really hard to manage.
Timeliness: There is a schedule for the minibus to follow. The schedule will only be disturbed if there is traffic conjestion or accident, which is then out of the control of the minibus driver, and is understandable.
Comfort / Safety: Practice makes perfect. It is only the basic requirement.
Cleanliness: It is again the basic requirement, unless there are some irresponsible passengers which will require the driver extra efforts to clean the minibus after every trip.
Attitude: This is the root cause of the previous three criteria, or what is known as "Deliverables Touchpoint" in TXM, where attitude is "People Touchpoint".
Every experience is dictated by the People Touchpoint.

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