19 June 2006

Unlearn to Learn

"Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn." Benjamin Franklin

Nobody is born with the ability to do everything.

One either has to be trained or is willing to take the initiative to learn in order to produce deliverable. Regardless of how the skills are acquired, once learned, sooner or later they become usual practices. If that practices are not the best practices, and when that practices become habits, whatever that person does in the future will follow an inapprorpiate route. There is simply no trial and error for that person, because there will only be errors in all future processes. Even if best practices become habits, best practices do not last due to changes in environment. Things effective at one time may become ineffective at another.

Same applies to touchpoint experience. Positive experience then definitely won't be positive experience now, and positive experience now won't be positive experience in the future. People will only have higher expectations as time progresses.

The higher the ability to produce better deliverables consistently, the better the chance to survive during tough times.

Winning is actually about "survival of the fittest."

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