06 June 2006

Touchpoint eXperience Management


Touchpoint eXperience Management (TXM) is about managing touchpoint experience.

Enterprise wins when Touchpoint eXperience Excellence (TXE) is achieved both internally and externally. TXE is achieved when Right Done Right (RDR). Internal TXE (iTXE) strengthens the enterprise's ability to achieve external TXE (eTXE). Winning is defined as the ability to maintain sustainable growth in the long run.


A touchpoint is every point of interaction, internal and external, seen and unseen. Internal touchpoint refers to every point of interaction within an internal organization. External refers to every touchpoint between the enterprise and the external market. An experience is a subjective feeling about the interactions of one individual with the event, the deliverable, and with other individual.

Touchpoint eXperience (TX) is "the resullt of interaction of one person with other person, information, and deliverable through feeling (see, hear, touch, taste, smell), thinking and hiring."


There are 3 types of Touchpoint, which are also the critical success factors affecting experience.
- People (P)
- Information (I)
- Deliverables (D)

There are 3 types of Experience.
- Positive
- Indifferent
- Negative

Positive TX arises when PID provides experience beyond expectations; indifferent when meet; and negative when below.

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