02 June 2006

Give & Take

Win-win situation is achieved when there is give-and-take from start to completion of the deliverable cycle.
If the sender keeps sending message to the receiver (giving), but the receiver provides no feedback to the sender in return (taking), the sender will eventually get annoyed and deliver negative touchpoint experience. The process is going to repeat itself. The sender is unhappy because of the receiver's FUD, and the receiver's never-ending FUD is going to drive the sender crazy. It is simply a vicious cycle, and eventually everything will result in dead-end. (FUD is an acronym for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.)
Give-and-take is a feedback system, with emphasis on mutual contribution. Only one person wins if there is an imbalance between give and take. Whenever there is a give, there has to be a take. This is the concept of ROI, or Return On Investment. Nobody would invest in something that has an expected value of zero. Win-win is about the art of balancing.
Touchpoint eXperience Excellence is acheived when the golden mean is maintained between extremes and the golden rule is observed.

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