04 June 2006

The Sound of Silence

"The worst sound in our business is silence. That means they don't care." Vince McMahon

It is better for a customer to voice out his or her concern than nothing at all. Result is achieved through communication. Without communication, nothing gets done. Silence is golden? Empty vessels make the most sound? Not quite.

If the customer is willing to file a complaint against the product or service quality, it means the customer still cares. The opposite of love is not hate, because the emotion of hate still involves passion. The opposite of love is apathy. When the customer becomes indifferent to whatever the enterprise has to offer, it is destined to be doomed. Same applies to internal organization.

A complaint is actually a gift. To the sender, it is a negative touchpoint experience; but to the receiver, it is in fact a chance to learn how to improve and deliver future positive touchpoint experience.

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