01 June 2006


Real forgiveness does not keep track of forgiveness. It is simply about forgive and forget. Simply forgive the offenses. Forget about the number of times of forgiving.

In Matthew 18:21-22, Peter asks Jesus how many times he is to forgive someone who wrongs him, and if seven times is enough. Jesus’ answer is seventy-seven times, or 490. What does that mean? It is meaningless to keep counting. Even if there is an attempt to keep counting, it is easy to loose count. Learn to give up and let go of anger before forgiveness enters the heart. Just forgive without asking anything in return. Forgiving is not about doing the sinner a favor but the forgiver. The eye-for-an-eye mindset will only result in a never-ending cycle that will lead to nowhere.

People always remember negative touchpoint experience. They take positive touchpoint experience for granted. When the deliverables are not up to expectations, they will get upset, and immediately recall all previous negative touchpoint experiences to reinforce the negative impact. Bad thoughts and intentions always drive out the good ones.

Although it's inevitable to control this, try to drop the hatred and forget about the history. History is for learning from the past and improve, but definitely not for using as a tool to ruin the future.

Let bygones be bygones.

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