19 June 2006


Everyone is always searching for something. Tom Peters... In Search of Excellence back in 1980s.

Why search? There are 2 main reasons. The first is that people always feel that they don't have enough. The second is that they are not happy with what they have. Whatever the reason, they just keep searching and searching. Even if they have actually got the right deliverable, they are still not satisfied. The search of excellence is meaningful if it benefits everyone, but it is simply a waste of resources if the never-ending search is just to satisfy one's meaningless desire.

How to search? Information is easily accessible from search engines. It is not difficult to find the information in need with search engines, but it is difficult to search the right result from the vast amount of information generated from the search. Take "search" as an example. If one types "search" in Google, it will generate 15,690,000,000 results for "search" within 0.04 seconds as of 01 August 2006. Of that 15,690,000,000 results, only a limited few is relevant to actual needs.

It is not a sellers' market but buyers' when it comes to searching. Sellers will do everything to boost their ranking in top search engines, believing that this would help build awareness and thus business. It is always suggested that the higher the rank on search list, especially Yahoo! or Google, the better. Is that a fact? Not quite. The search has to be relevant.

WisdomBoom was once ranked number one in Yahoo!, so what? It means nothing to WisdomBoom, because touchpoint experience is still a new concept to be accepted by the market.

Even if the enterprise has excellent deliverable, as long as it is not relevant, efforts spent will simply go to waste.

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