01 June 2006


"Nothing gets better until someone really actually does something." Daryl R Gibson

Everything has to be done, sooner or later. But what is the everything?

One has to define the task purpose before identifying what should be on the priority list. Why in the first place the task should exist? If the task exists for no reason, then it shouldn't exist at all. If it has to be existed for whatever reason, then even if the task is completed with result, the result has no value. When the number of tasks accumulates and multiplies, what should be done first becomes a problem. This is about priority.

Things should get done first when they will either shorten the time to success, or they will directly affect the results of the task, meaning that if the task is not done first, or at a later stage, the overall result will be negatively affected.

Setting priority is an art. The rule of thumb is to relate priority to critical success factor.

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