09 June 2006


The key to communication is language, and there are approximately 3,000 languages on Earth.

Smiley was developed by Franklin Loufrani, and was published for the first time on 01 January 1972. The yellow smiling face is the most recognizable icon in the world. It was even used in the film Forrest Gump, comically featured the smiley being "invented" when Forrest Gump wipes his mud-covered face off with a yellow t-shirt, inspiring a struggling businessman with the makeshift design.

Smile perhaps is the most powerful medicine, as it brightens up everyone's face, and instil positive attitude. Attitude determines all.

How to keep a smile on the face all the time?

Even if in the very early morning you are being disturbed with annoying things, and the mood for the day is totally ruined, try not to isolate yourself. This is only going to worsen the situation, and you will continue to stay unhappy forever. Instead, try to open up yourself and take the initiative to have chitchat with others. Nobody has the courage to approach you if your face has this "STOP" sign on it. Nobody actually bothers to approach you, and will just leave you alone.

If it's really difficult to put a smile on the face, then try this very efficient traditional method...

Say "Cheese"!

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