09 March 2007

X Beta

"If A equals success, then the formula is: A = X + Y + Z, X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut." Albert Einstein

X is a very special letter. It is perhaps the only alphabet with many different meanings.

According to Cambridge Dictionary Online, there are X number of definitions of X.

X is the 24th letter of the English alphabet, and is also the least frequently used letter in the English alphabet. The other twos are Q and Z.

X is often used as an unknown in Mathematics. According to legend, a 17th century printer's problem helped X to land its major job symbolizing something unknown. For the many equations in his now-famous 1637 mathematical work La Geometrie, Rene Descartes chose letters A, B, and C to represent any three constants and X, Y, and Z to represent any three unknown quantities. He intended that Z be the first unknown (corresponding to A), and Y second and X third. But the story goes that the printer, while typesetting the manuscript, found himself repeatedly running short of letter blocks for Y and Z, due in part to Descartes' many equations calling for these letters. However, the printer still had plenty of X's, a letter that in French-language print is used far less than Y or Z. So the printer wrote to Descartes, asking whether it made any difference which of the three, Z, Y, or X, appeared in equations of one or two unknowns - and might X be the preferred letter for printing purposes? The great man replied that this was acceptable. And that is why the Geometrie tends to favor X as the letter of an unknown quantity, especially in the second half of the treatise.

X is not only a letter but also a symbol. It represents wrong. Its enemy is O, usually perceived as right. In tic tae toe, they go hand in hand.

X represents a generation. People born between 1963 and 1978 are generally considered "Generation X."

X is synonymous with smut in movies. There is no significant difference between X- and XXX-rated movies. As long as the movie is rated X, it contains "mature" contents, and prohibits non-adults from viewing it.

X is a well known symbol of Christ, from the Greek letter chi. Xmas and Christmas are truly one and the same.

X can also be used to represent a kiss.

X... it does not have an identity, as it has too many. If X is a message, then the message definitely delivers negative touchpoint experience. Nobody is able to understand the message, as it contains too many messages. When there is too much information in the information, that piece of information becomes useless, and the possibility of producing positive deliverables is limited.

X... what exactly is X?

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