20 March 2007

Pause Beta

"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy." Guillaume Apollinaire

In order to reach success, everyone needs to act just a bit faster than everyone else. Time is a crucial factor in determining who is the winner, and who isn't.

Same applies to the learning ability. If A has a shorter learning curve than B, A will produce deliverables faster, and thus possess potentially higher ROI. Given that potential, A will be given more resources and opportunities in order to shorten the success cycle. Why would anyone invest in something that gives slower return, when there is something else which gives faster?

Everyone wants immediate deliverables. The quicker, the better. Nobody has the patience to wait. It almost becomes a sin to wait, particularly in the world of information-rich and time-poor.

That is very pathetic. Is it "better late than never" no longer true? Is it always "it's now or never?"

What is what now?

Pause... please wait a second...

Think twice... if it is never, there is no chance of ever producing the deliverables. It's done. It's totally over. But, late at least delivers... it is not always now or never. The idea of "now or never" basically put every potential positive touchpoint experience to an end.

When there is a negative touchpoint, pause! Right at that moment of pause, it actually delivers positive touchpoint experience to all parties immediately. It is an all-win situation. Why not pause?

It takes two hands to clap, and do pause before clapping.

The clapping could be positive after the pause, but negative before the pause.

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